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Real Photo Postcards: Military History
Online catalog of real photo postcards featuring soldiers, weapons, and casualties of war.

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US Navy fishing for shark Shark Fishing in Corinto Nicaragua. American Navy During Nicaraguan Intervention.  Real Photo RPPC postcard shows numerous U.S. Navy sailors watching as a huge shark (looks about 16 feet long) is hoisted up the side of a big Naval ship (possibly, the U.S.S. Colorado). Cyko paper, circa 1912, unused but for writing at top. Light browning on the back.  Two areas of light discoloration on front, visible in image.
douglas.jpg (34070 bytes) "Camp [Douglas] Cooks", postmarked 1917 Camp Douglas, Wis. near mint.
2ndreg.jpg (25875 bytes) "Amb. Corp. 2nd Reg.", circa 1915, AZO paper, unused, a 1/2" foxed area on back, near mint.
mareisland.jpg (30808 bytes) "Co. D. Mare Island, Cal. 1911", Marines, postmarked 1912 Vallejo, Cal., 3 creased corners, a little "x" over one armed soldier's head, water stains on back, stamp missing.
helmets.jpg (21178 bytes) American Soldier Portraits, a group of four (4), circa 1910 - 1919, unused, AZO paper, one is used with erasures in the margin identifying it as Camp Dix, New Jersey, 3 are unused, one has a 3/4" corner crease, else is very good to excellent.
soldierandflag.jpg (33611 bytes) Soldier with American Flag Background, circa 1910, AZO paper, unused, very good.
soldierpostcard.jpg (56629 bytes) Pipe Smoking Wine Drinking Soldiers & Little Girl Pose with Baseball Bat & Ball. Circa 1915.  Postally unused.  Excellent, but remnants of scrapbook paper still pasted on the back.
europeansoldiers.jpg (77394 bytes) European Soldier Portraits, a group of four (4), circa 1913 - 1919, one has writing in the margin identifying Koon, Scory, & Koon, one has writing on both sides identifying Pvt. Svenne Anderson, average to excellent condition.
greatwar9.jpg (39836 bytes) "National Shooting Gallery (Belgium) Souvenir of the Civilians Martyrs of the Great War 1914 - 1918", Phototypie Industriele Beige, Brux, set of nine (9) views in fold out album, circa 1918, unused but for one which has writing on the face, another has a 1-1/4" surface crack, otherwise the postcards are near mint to mint, the folder itself is excellent.
germany.jpg (36276 bytes) Bombed Buildings and Rubble, 1944, Frankfurt, Germany per writing on the back, discoloration on the back and in the margins.
tank.jpg (100360 bytes) "Long Range" Rail Cannon, thirteen men in civilian cold weather outerwear stand in front & on huge cannon on railroad tracks, circa 1918, AZO paper, unused, near mint.
ussmtvernon.jpg (16997 bytes) "U.S.S. Mt. Vernon", the captured German ship Kronprirzessin Cecilie, writing on the back, "Bar Harbor 1914 after running away from British at start of war. Brought much gold into Maine port after interned.", AZO paper, some stains at the left side of the front.

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