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Real Photo Postcards: American Indians
Online catalog of real photo postcards featuring Native Americans.

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athome.jpg (48777 bytes) American Indians "At Home", about two dozen Indians in native attire, Copyright 1909 by W. H. Martin, postmarked 1910, Irving, Kansas, publ. by the North American Postcard Co., Kansas City, Kans., excellent condition.
powwow.jpg (31680 bytes) Ceremonial Dress.  Several Indian men in headdress, women in traditional dresses, circa 1911, Miller photo, AZO paper, unused, near mint.
seminole.jpg (41993 bytes) "Seminole Indian Camp, Florida Everglades, 1932, 4 Seminole women under thatched canopy, unused, DOPS paper, "Feb. 1932" is penciled on the reverse, near mint.
pueblo.jpg (31342 bytes) "Pueblo Home - Parson's Indian Village - Indian Hill - Wis. Dells, Wis.", 1932, DOPS paper, unused, light 1/16" bump to upper right corner & 3/8" tight surface crack, writing in pencil on back, "Aug. 6, 1932".
kiva.jpg (31917 bytes) "Pueblos Indian Ceremonial Kiva - Parson's Indian Village - At the Dells", DOPS paper, unused, "Aug. 6, 1932" is penciled on back, near mint.
sundown.jpg (30649 bytes) "Sundown" - The Indian Artist - Parson's Indian Village - At the [Wis.] Dells", 1932, DOPS paper, unused, "Aug. 6, 1932" penciled on back, 2 brown spots on back.
wigwams.jpg (49744 bytes) "Parson's Indian Village at the Dells", 1932, seven Indian children in the middle ground, DOPS paper, unused, "Aug. 6, 1932" is penciled on the reverse, near mint.
wadesinwater.jpg (27461 bytes) "Chief Wades in Water and J...[illegible]", circa 1949, EKC paper, unused.




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