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cup.jpg (28172 bytes) Marienbad Spa Cup.
A fine 19th century cut, etched, and gilded Marienbad Spa Cup.  This delicate tumbler style glass reads "Marienbad" within an etched floral wreath.  Measurements are etched along the side so that the hotel guest could keep track of the amount of the various physician prescribed therapeutic waters imbibed while on health walks.  Four inches high.  The gold on the handle exhibits average wear, otherwise it is in mint condition.
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Ten section bamboo fly fishing rod.
Each section is 12" long. It comes in its original compartmentalized 13" x 2-3/8" x 2" wooden case. In the case are 12 handtied flies, several feet of fishing line, a small roll of lead weight, and still in their original cellophane packages are two dozen hooks & rusty steel finger scissors. The rod fits into the bottom & the accessories are housed in the compartmentalized top that has an inside sliding cover. The outside of the case has "No 106" stamped in blue ink. The reel seat is aluminum & it is marked at one end with an incised flying fish, and on the other side the top of the screw reads "PAT. A. NO. 50403". The wraps are burgundy. The eye rings appear to be silver or silverplate. The varnish finish is generally excellent, with no crazing or crackling. The 2 biggest sections each have a 1/4" scratch. One of the small sections has a 1/4" scrape to the dark brown section. The sections are straight. One of the metal end caps with ferrule is missing from one of the center bamboo sections. (Two are missing in the photo, but one was found in the tissue it was wrapped in). The smallest section appears to have originally had three eye rings. It now has two. The end ring and one other are still there, but there is a metal band without a ring on this section. The sliding lid in the case is marred in the middle. The reel seat has corrosion at each end where it is attached to the grip. We are not knowledgeable about fishing items, but all in all, the rod appears to be in good original condition.
Doll in Swing Bisque Baby Doll, impressed mark on back "765 / Germany / 8", c.1920, just 3 1/4" high, she's painted with well-defined blue eyes and pouty red lips, and holds a red apple in hand. All bisque.   Arms are jointed, she is in a sitting position.  The painted white sheet metal swing is heavily flaked; doll is mint.  There is a small factory hole in her hair, perhaps for a bow.
Rookwood Parrot Tea Tile Rookwood Tea Tile, vellum glaze, depicts a graceful green and teal perched parrot within a circular white and chartreuse decorative border. Impressed marks on the bottom include the Rookwood Pottery logo, the date, 1925 (XXV), the shape #2043. 6" x 6". Mint condition.
Packer lighter Green Bay Packer Zippo Ladies Pocket Cigarette Lighter, chrome plated brass with deeply etched brass helmet, shows overall normal use, otherwise excellent condition.




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